On Yelp or Google+, write an accurate, honest review of a fake clinic.

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Fake women's health centers do NOT provide abortions, nor do they provide non-judgmental options counseling (which, btw, all abortion providers do!). Yet, these fake clinics advertise using phrases like "abortion counseling" or "pregnancy resources" to try to trick people seeking information about the full range of reproductive health options into walking through their doors. Through Google, Yelp and other review sites, you can combat this misinformation. Download the toolkit below and get reviewing! The toolkit has all the tips and instructions you need to leave reviews that will make the most impact.

Pro tip: Reviewing fake clinics is WAY more fun when you're doing it as a team! We highly encourage you to grab a bottle of wine and get your feminist book club together to organize a fun REVIEW-A-THON! The toolkit includes all kinds of ideas and tools for making your event fun + successful.


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